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April 2008

Annapolis Book Festival

Cookbook author and food writer Monica Bhide and I were invited to Key School in Annapolis for their annual Annapolis Book Festival to make a presentation on Indian Cuisine. Monica Bhide spoke on the myths of Indian Cuisine and I made a power point presentation on " Classical Indian Cuisine in the Culinary World Today" - took the group on a journey to India through my photographs. After the presentation we did a cooking demonstration.

I had arrived at the school around 1 p.m along with my wife Nisha and the presentation was to start around 2.30  p.m. We were invited for lunch to the speaker's lounge - and guess with whom I had lunch with? I walk into the lounge and I see this person seemed to be a very familiar face - whom we had all seen on television - it took me a moment to place him - It was none other than the famous prosecutor who went after President Clinton, Mr. Kenneth Starr.  I start whispering into Nisha's ears.....   moments later you see him next to us picking up sandwiches  - we introduce ourlselves and he immediately started a conversation. He said that he loves Indian food and prefers it to these sandwhiches! There were all in all about seven or eight people in the room including us. After the sandwiches, we all had coffee and he shook hands and left with a bundle of books in his hand. 

Here are some pictures from the event :