Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck
Making of Buckwheat noodles (Bhutanese style)

Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Honorable Minister for Home & Culture Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan , Mr. Minjur Dorji proposed a toast and thanked Indique Heights for a wonderful job done at the folklife festival.
Honorable Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan - Mr. Minjur Dorji,  his excellency Ambassador of Bhutan to the United States, Mr. Daw Penjo and the Bhutanese delegation at Indique Heights.

L to R : Mr.K.N.Vinod and Mr. Surfy Rahman   

L to R : Mrs.Madhavi Rahman and Mr. Surfy Rahman 


Executive Chef S.B.Balamurugan 
Executive Chef Abraham Varghese
Co- Executive Chef Balamurugan, Mr. Surfy Rahman,
 Mr.K.N.Vinod and Co- Executive chef Abraham Varghese
Bhutanese folks at Indique Heights tent.
With my Bhutanese hat - keeps me cool !