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Tim Russert - We will miss you at Indique......

After a few months of opening Indique in 2002 – I walk in to the restaurant and I see a very familiar face. I was pleasantly surprised to see Tim Russert and his wife Maureen sitting at the bar counter and enjoying a meal. The then bartender of our restaurant Manya Solos was having a chat with them and she formally introduced me to this lovely couple. We got talking and remember telling him that I was a big fan of his Sunday show – Meet the Press. Subsequently I had met him on his several trips to the restaurant and on many occasions I had long conversations with him on various subjects including Indian Cuisine. On one occasion when I told him that I really admire his work, I vividly remember him telling me that it is a lot of work and how much he has to prepare before he conducts interviews.

He used to love the lamb chops and the shrimp and scallop masala at Indique. He always liked to sit and have his dinner at the bar counter rather than sit on a regular table. When I last met him in December he had come to the bar, he had a  Taj Mahal Beer. He and his wife apparently had done a lot of shopping and he apologized to me that they had to go to a party and was not going to have dinner that day. 

Tim was friendly, courteous and always had a good story to tell........

 We are all going to miss him at Indique. Our heartfelt condolences to his lovely wife Maureen and their son Luke.