Chef Jose Andres picks Indique as one of his hometown favorites
Featured in India Abroad Feb 6, 2009

Sugar and Champagne at Ritz Carlton

Indique/Indique Heights participated in the Sugar and Champagne event held at the Ritz Carlton,  Washington DC.


This event, hosted by Todd and Ellen Gray of Equinox restaurant and Salamander Resort & Spa, is in honor of the Washington Humane Society Officers who work 24-hours a day, saving the homeless, lost, neglected and abused animals and the Humane Education program that teaches elementary school children compassion and respect for animals.

Guests and their dogs were greeted by the sparkling wines, champagne, and delicious desserts from the area's top Pastry Chefs! Indique/Indique Heights was the only restaurant serving a hot meal during the event. Our counter was busy from the start, and as the aroma of the spices spread into the gorgeous banquet hall, lines started to form.

The Culinary team of the Ritz Carlton headed by Executive Chef David Serus, the Executive Sous Chef Georg Hoehn and the Director of Banquets Arvind Chadha came and relished the food at our counter.

Some of the restaurants participating in the event were Acadiana, Art and Soul, Bastille, Brasserie Beck, Central Michel Richard, Equinox, Jefferson Hotel, Rock Creek, Volt, Restaurant 3, and the Ritz Carlton. Chef Martin Saylor, the first Executive Chef of the Butterfield 9 was seen behind the Artisan premium cheese company. Beverage companies like national distributors Montegay Rum, Santa Lucia Coffee, William Harris Imports, and Washington Wholesale, etc. were all in attendance.

There were so much of desserts, pastries, ice cream and champagne, all my dieting for the week went through the roof.  Here are some pictures from the event: