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Mint Chutney - Bagels and Chutney Anyone?

Mint Chutney (Pudina Chutney)



It is this time of the year that my backyard is full of Mint leaves. Let us explore the various ways of making a Mint Chutney. Through the following pictures, I am going to illustrate that making a pudina chutney is a very simple process.

In India there are various ways of making Mint or Pudina chutney. Just as the cuisines vary so much from state to state, region to region -


The above ingredients clockwise (starting from top left) are: salt, green chilies & ginger root,tamarind, and Anardana* powder (Available in most Indian grocery stores). If you are not able to find it - don't worry too much about it, we can make it without the Anardana - just increase a little bit of tamarind. :-)

Basically, it is as simple as putting all the ingredients and putting them into a blender with a little bit of water to grind. Check for seasoning.

*Anardana are pomegrante seeds - available in Indian grocery stores in the seed or powdered form.


In the next post we will check out various other ways to make Mint chutney and more ...

Variation: You can add some plain beaten yogurt and then adjust the seasoning.

For more on Mint read Joe Yonan's post here in the Washington Post food blog.