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Puttu - A breakfast specialty of Kerala

"Puttu" - A specialty of Kerala - Photo of the Week


 A simple dish made with rice flour, cumin and coconut and salt. Coarsely ground rice flour is sprinkled with water and mixed with freshly grated coconut ,cumin and salt : to resemble breadcrumbs. This mixture is steamed in a  "putti kutti" - a cylinderical piece of bamboo as shown in the picture above. Alternatively they are also steamed in coconut shells.(the eyes of the coconut are pierced so that the steam can pass through). Traditionally  seerved with black chickpea curry or with ripe plantains and papadam. This picture was taken on a recent trip to India at a toddy shop about 12 kms from Kochi called - "Mulla Pandhal", which serves some amazing food.... 

More about " Mulla Pandhal" on a future post.

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Chilies, Shallots, ginger, "kodampuli' & curry leaves cooked in a traditional earthern ware container called "chatti" or "Mann chatti"