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Sunday Night Supper Chefs
Sunday Night Suppers 2012
Sunday Night Suppers - With Chef Ris Lacoste & Susie Tree
With Chef Nora Pouillon
With Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, authors of Mangoes and Curry leaves
Chef K.N.Vinod, Chef Roberto Donna and Surfy Rahman
Phyliis C Richman and K.N.Vinod
Chef Jeffrey Beuben and chef K.N.Vinod
Chef Vikram Garg and K.N.Vinod
Surfy Rahman with Anthony Bourdain
Surfy Rahman with Anthony Bourdain
Chef K.N.Vinod with Anthony Bourdain
Franco Nuschese, silvesto, Jose Andres and Surfy Rahman
Chef Jose Andres and chef K.N.Vinod
Phyllis C Richman and Surfy Rahman
Mr. Surfy Rahman and Mr.Drew Nieporent, owner of the Myraid restaurant group
Chef K.N.Vinod and Mr.Drew Nieporent, owner of the Myraid restauranat group
Surfy Rahman and chef Barton Seaver
Chef K.N.Vinod and Chef Barton Seaver
Chef Ris Lacoste and Chef K.N.Vinod
Surfy Rahman and Chef Ris Lacoste
Robert Eggar of DCCK and K.N.Vinod
Surfy Rahman and Robert Eggar, founder of DC central kitchen
Surfy Rahman and Christophe Poteaux, chef owner Bastille
At the  Smithsonian folklife festival
With chef Joel Normard, executive chef to Jacque chirac, president of france
Club des ches des Chefs
Seeing off the Former executive chef of the Buckingham palace
With a former white house chef and Sudhir Sibal
Club des chefs des chefs dinner
After a Smithsonian lecture along with Cookbook authors
with Chef Patick O'Connel
with chef/owner Chef Patrick O'Connel of the little Inn at Washington
with Chef Patick O'Connel
Foodie Friends
Foodie Friends
Foodie Friends
With chef Art Smith at Jose Andres's residence
Foodie Friends
Introducing Chef Sanjeev Kapoor at Indique Heights
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor addressing the audience
Chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Jose Andres and Chef K.N.Vinod
AT the Sanjeev Kapoor's book launch
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Chef K.N.Vinod
With Chef Jose Andres, Bhutanis and Surfy